Tasty Toobs

Tasty Toobs

Tasty Toobs - the #1 missed snack food possibly ever...

Well guess what, they're back! The original, tasty, saucy bite size snack that you will remember and love!!



Muncheros were like mini curls of corn chip, but so much better!

" Munch on Muncheros, munch, munch, munch, munch on Muncheros" - sung to the tune of Guantanamera.


Chickadee Chicken Snacks

Sort of like Chicken Twisties, but shaped like chickens.

Strangely, very few people seem to remember these. Trust me, they were great!

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Vice Versas

Nestle Vice Versas

Vice Versas: "Milk chocolate in a white crisp sugar shell and white chocolate in a brown crisp sugar shell"

A simple concept. A brilliant alternating flavor sensation.

Trolli Gummi Trolls

Trolli Gummi Trolls

Back when Trolls were all the rage, the aptly named 'Trolli' produced these gummy versions.

Possibly the best gummis ever produced in the history of the Trolli company!

The Original Milo Bar

Nestle Original Milo Bar

Milo - compacted and coated in chocolate. Could it be the perfect chocolate bar?

Apparently not, since these were taken off shelves about a year or two ago and replaced with the 'new but not improved' version, featuring rice crispies and other assorted nuisances.

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Peanut Butter Peters Billabong Ice Cream

Peanut Butter Flavour Peters Billabong

Oh to be a billionaire and bring back this ice cream that I used to eat as a boy in the club house. The Peanut Butter Billabong. A true rare and classic ice cream that is forgotten by most.

Those who do remember also know what they are missing now. If you don't remember, you can probably sleep better than those of us that do.

Jurassic Park Raptor Eggs

Jurasic Park Raptor Eggs

Movie merchandising goes right for once with these tasty candy raptor eggs.

I know it's a streatch for people to remember these crazed little candies, especially since they were only sold for a month or two after the movie's release at a few Toys R Us stores.
Guava velociraptor eggs - the taste has been unmatched ever since.

The Original Mega Warheads

Original Mega Warheads

Far from nuclear warheads, these were explosively hot and sour candy!

Many school contests were held to see who could hold the most Warheads in their mouth for the longest possible time. Many tears were shed.
These days, original hot grape and cherry flavoured Warheads are about as hard to find as the non-existent weapons of mass destruction.